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homepageImage_en_USThis platform includes and gives access to the ILIESI-CNR open archives and journals. Based on open-sources software, they are peer-reviewed and open to the scholarly collaboration. These initiatives are currently sponsored by the EC Project AGORA.

Daphnet: Digital Archive of Philosophical Texts on the Net

Daphnet is the ILIESI portal that gives access to digital platforms dedicated to relevant authors and texts belonging to the history of the scientific and philosophical thought. Based on open-source programmes and standard encoding, these platforms will be semantically enriched and interlinked with the international journal Lexicon Philosophicum as well as with The Daphnet Digital Library.


Daphnet Digital Library

The Daphnet Digital Library is a platform of secundary sources that offers a selection of critical contributions focusing on the texts contained in the Daphnet portal. These contributions (mostly taken from the catalogue of the ILIESI printed volumes and journals) will be interlinked with the texts included in the Daphnet platforms and with the articles published by the international journal Lexicon Philosophicum.

Lexicon Philosophicum: in this section you can find the articles already published in previous 12 issues, published by Olschki.

ILIESI Colloquia: in this section you can find the volumes of the ILIESI International Colloquia, published by Olschki, each one of them devoted to a single term of a preminent philosophical value.

ILIESI Proceedings: in this section you can find the contributions dedicated to the history of terminology, published by Olschki.

Elenchos: in this section you can find the articles already published in previous issues by Bibliopolis Book Collection

Book collection: in this section you can find essays and critical studies.

Lexica: in this section you can find lexicographic instruments and resources.

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Lexicon Philosophicum: International Journal for the History of Texts and Ideas

Lexicon Philosophicum is an annual peer-reviewed, open access journal, with an interdisciplinary character. Published by CNR-ILIESI (Roma), it provides original, unpublished high-quality contributions: critical essays, research articles, editions of short texts, and critical bibliographic reviews in the fields of the history of philosophy, the history of science, and the history of ideas, with a special and characteristic attention to textual and lexical anlyses and data.

The journal is interlinked with a large collection of primary sources of Ancient and Early Modern Philosophy available in the portal Daphnet and with the selected contributions contained in the Daphnet Digital Library platform.

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